Curriculum Vitae – Randy Wasoff, D.C.


1977 – B.A. Bernard M. Baruch College, New York, New York
1980 – D.C. New York Chiropractic College, Old Brookville, New YorkRandyWasoff180x250

Post-Graduate Education (Since 1990)

1990 – LACC: Chiropractic Orthopedist Program: Modules – Cervical Spine, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity

1991 – CCA: Workers’ Compensation Seminar (Vocational Rehabilitation, Lab Work-up in Trauma, Management of Radiculopathies)

1992  – CCA: SOAP Notes Documentation, LACC: Management of Upper Extremity Conditions

1993 – NCMIC: Risk Management, VAI, CVA McKenzie Protocol, Cervical spine
CCA: Qualified Medical Evaluator Program

1994 – NCMIC: Risk Management: Practice and Malpractice
1995 – Life West: Validating Chiropractic
CCC: Review: Gonstead Technique

1996 – LACC: QME Recertification
CCC: Review: Thompson Technique

1997 – NCMIC: Loss Prevention, CCC: Diagnosis and Treatment of Upper Extremities,

1998 –  CCA: QME Recertification
LACC: Medical-Legal Case Management-QME
CCA: Lower Extremity Biomechanics, Examination and Stabilization

1999 – QME Recertification, Diversified Techique: Foot, Knee, Hip

2000 – CCA: QME Recertification
Multi-disciplinary Approach to Treatment of Fibromyalgia
Management of Complex and Post-surgical Cases
Continuous Passive Motion Therapy

2001 – CCA: QME Recertification
Diversified Technique: Upper Extremities
Report Writing – Disability Evaluation

2002 – NCMIC: Risk Management, Complex Cases
Continuous Passive Motion Therapy
Expert Witness Protocol

2003 – CCA: QME Recertification/HIPAA Training
Radiology Operator Recertification

2004 – CCA:QME Recertification/HIPAA Training,
QME Recertification/ACOEM Guidelines,
COA: Impairment Rating: AMA Guidelines-5th Edition
FCER: Evidence Based Care: BEST Practices

2005 – CCA: Outcome Assessments
NCMIC: Evidence Based Care
ACA: Coding/Medicare Management

2006 – In Cm: Impairment Rating: Case Studies and Report Writing

2007 – Diversified Technique: Spine and Extremity

2008 – AFICC: Practice Seminar-Forensic Chiropractic

2009 – SCOI: Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion
SCOI: Current Concepts in Hip Arthroscopy

2010/11 – AFICC: Practice Seminar-Forensic Chiropractic
2011 – SFVCCA: Stretching for Life: Power Taping

2012 – CCA: Sleep science/golf related disorders
In Cm: sports injuries, treatment and nutrition

2013 – ACAS: Technique/Pediatric Physiotherapy/Rapid Release Therapy PC

2014 – CEU: Cervical Ligament Injury
CCA: Diagnosing Osteoporosis
Sacroiliac/Pelvic/Lumbar Adjusting
Myofascial Release, Technique C: Advanced principle of TMJ
Rib & Shoulder Girdle Adjusting

2015 –  CEU: Evidence based evaluation of lower back pain
Evidence basis of back schools

2016 – CCA: Common Sports Injuries
Common Golf Injuries
Cranial Fascial Release
Interpretation of Spinal CT/MRI Scans

2017 – Common sports injuries (CCA)
   Cervical spine regeneration, surgical options (CCA)

Post-Graduate Certifications

1989 – CCA: Disability Evaluator Certification Program
CCA: Industrial Disability Examiner Certification Program