“Dr. Wasoff is a wonderful person who brings his inherent compassion with him to work everyday.  He is also a very skilled and competent doctor. I refer to him often without hesitation.  It’s a relief to know I can send my patients to Dr. Wasoff and they will get the care and treatment they deserve.”
Catherine Aquino, L. Ac., Toluca Lake, CA

spine75“Dr. Randy Wasoff’s approach to chiropractic is second to none. It is not just an adjustment, it is a way of life.  When I leave Randy’s office, I move more freely. I feel more alive and most importantly I am pain free.  I would recommend Dr. Wasoff to anyone and especially to those that are nervous about chirpractic care. He is great.”
Holly Hanson, Los Angeles, CA

“Every now and then, because I sit at a desk all day and neglect my exercise, I will wake up to some nasty back pain. I embarrassingly hobble into Dr. Wasoff’s office like a hunchback and a few minutes later, am able to walk to my car with some dignity. By the next day, I am my old self.

Dr. Wasoff is one of the most knowledgeable healthcare professionals in my arsenal of caregivers. You can always trust him to do only what you need and with your best interest at heart.”
Katherine Higgins, Burbank, CA

“Innumerable times my husband has walked into Dr. Wasoff’s office, unable to stand fully upright, and after one visit, been able to leave standing normally. Dr. Wasoff is an amazing healer for my husband. As a doctor, he is both strong and intuitive and I don’t know what we’d do without him! We are most grateful for his wisdom, humor and ongoing assistance.”
Sarah Fairfax Logan, Sherman Oaks, CA
(wife of patient James Logan)


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